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GO! Applications have a dual character that gives them a distinct personality.


The City Guide includes dining, entertainment, shopping, activities, events, health and fitness. It is mainly for the locals but also very useful for the visitors.


The Travel Guide includes accommodation, transport, places, culture, local and touring. It is mainly for the visitors but also useful for the locals who want to find out more about the place they live in.

GO! Applications present each point of interest (POI) in a unique way. The information regarding each POI is usually divided in the following sections:


The INFO section includes detailed information about the POI and is created mainly for those who like to read and want to deepen into details.


The SPECS section presents, in a table-like way, summarized information that include among others, email, website, social media links, tips, extra info, access and various facilities.


The MAP section shows the position of the POI on the map. You can also get walking and driving directions from your current location to the location of the POI.


The PHOTOS section presents a rich photo gallery in a wonderful way.

The GO! Filters are by all means the best "hidden" advantage of the GO! Applications. Using these filters gives you the capability to adapt the application to your needs!


As a traveller and a local you may have felt many times, that travel applications and guides drive your needs based on their structure without bearing in mind what you really want.


This is not the case with the GO! Applications. Instead, you use the filters, make your multiple selections and... that's it! You get what you want, when you want  and the way you want.




" innovation for us, is the ...obvious "



For travellers and people who are looking for something different, something innovative, something genuine. Keep up with us and you will "find" yourself in all our destinations as if you were there.  Download  the GO! Applications, rate them and "feel" the destinations at your fingertips.



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